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Looking For The Best Trailers On The Market: New And Used

With so many travel trailers to choose from in today’s market, it is hard to know which one is the best. If you are looking to purchase a new model, then you can only really rely on the manufacturer for their expert opinion and trust that what they tell you is the truth. Of course, every manufacturer and salesman will tell you that their product is the best one on the market, whether that is true or not will only become apparent a few months or years down the line. Unfortunately by this time the warranty will usually have ran out and you could be left with an expensive mistake.

When choosing the best option for you, you need to consider whether you can afford to buy a new or used trailer, what you will mainly use it for and how much you are willing to spend, don’t forget you will need to include extra insurance costs. Make sure your vehicle is a suitable match for the trailer you intend to buy and that it will fit where you need to park it.

which-oneIf you intend to buy a used trailer, shop about and check the fair market value to ensure you don’t end up paying over the odds. Do a thorough inspection of the trailer, both inside and out before you buy it. You should check that all the interior appliances work, look for signs of infestations, leaks, mould and mildew. Check carefully for these as they can be very well disguised by painting or covering over them. Make sure all the gas tanks and water tanks are working properly and free from damage and leaks. You should use an LPG tester to check the propane tank for leaks. Other general things to check are the battery, the fans, the brakes and lights, all the joints and seals, the tires and overall condition of the trailer. As with all purchases make sure you get a warranty, where possible, just in case it has any underlying problems that you have overlooked.

There are several places you can purchase a used trailer from but be aware that by buying from an internet auction site or a private seller you will not have a warranty to fall back on. On the plus side, buying a used camper can save you a small fortune, most problems will have shown themselves by the time it is a few years old. By shopping around and inspecting your purchase thoroughly, you could bag yourself a bargain that will give you years of service for a fraction of the price of a new one.   Travel trailers range in size from ones small enough to be pulled by a motorcycle to full size trailers that can be used for temporary accommodation. There are hundreds of different models all with varying degrees of quality, depending on whether you opt for something like the Airstream with their durable aluminium bodies, or prefer to go with a fibre glass body. Prices vary according to size, amenities, quality and popularity. Although some may have a better reputation than others, opinions will differ as to which is the best, mainly due to personal preferences.

When comparing the trailers on today’s market it is worth looking at the ones that have stood the test of time. Airstream are consistent and popular, they continually have good reviews and hold their prices well. Their low maintenance aluminium outer shell means that as long as you maintain the rivets, you will get none of the usual leaking roof and sagging floor problems that come with some of the others that are on the market.

So-Cal Teardrop trailers are also a good choice if you are looking for an aluminium skin. Ideally suited for smaller vehicle towing, helping to reduce fuel consumption, which is always beneficial when travelling long distances. The Cal Deluxe is the ‘flag ship’ of their models with extra height room and added accommodation. It is the widest and longest of their teardrop range.

The Casita is another rated and popular trailer, its two piece fibre glass body is sturdy, aerodynamic and lightweight. It’s easy to clean, easy to repair, doesn’t rust or deteriorate and has no roof seems. It comes with a spacious toilet and shower combination and a choice of sleeping accommodation, so you can choose what suits your family’s needs the best. With 50 cu. Ft of storage space, large screened windows and a complete usable galley with a portable on board water heater, it has everything you need to make your travels comfortable.

Chalet’s folding travel trailer is an ultra lightweight, hard sided pop up trailer. Their XL version features their own patented electric lift system to lift and lower the roof panels. They have a range of trailers, all with different specifications to suit your individual needs and good quality interiors. Well worth taking a look at.

camplite-lite-trailerCamplite Automotive Travel Trailer – Livin Lite. This trailer is one of the best value on the market. Its tubular aluminium frame, flooring, cabinets and roof make it 99% recyclable.  Bonuses of owning this are that it won’t rust, it’s lightweight, anti sagging and has a fully insulated shell. As with most trailers this comes in a range of models, with varying specifications to suit.

Coleman destiny series. These camping trailers come with many standard features such as fresh water holding tank that’s under the floor, powered roof vents, a low pressure two burner indoor stove, furnace, luxury screen rooms and add a rooms, stainless steel sink, 3 way refrigerator and air conditioning. They are popular amongst campers and have good reviews.

It is worth remembering that quality will always stand the test of time so if you invest in a good quality trailer today, you will get a good return if you decide to sell it in a few years time. It might take you a while to find the perfect one but with so many to choose from, it’s definitely out there. If it really isn’t, there are plenty of manufacturers that will build one to suit your needs.

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