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Reasons Why Compact Travel Trailers Should Be Considered

Decades ago, when a family went camping they usually set up a couple of tents or a big family tent. Then came the fold down camper trailers with pull out ends and you had to roll the top up in order to use it, and finally along came compact travel trailers. This was the type that was easy to be pulled with a car, van, or small pickup truck. Move forward to today’s world where many RV’s look like a rolling apartment or hotel room and takes a large heavy duty truck to pull them. Although there is a market for them, it is surprising that when couples retire and decide to see the country, they do not choose this type of RV, but much rather use compact travel trailers.

compact-travel-trailersThere are many different reasons why these types are the choice of retirement couples, instead of a hotel room on wheels. One of the main reasons is that it seems to be easier for them to drive the type of vehicle that is better suited to the compact size, instead of the larger ones. With it just being the two of them, they do not need a big RV with all that room. Having a compact one suits them just fine. In a compact one, there is a sleeping area, a place to cook, dining area that could also be used as a sitting area when playing games, reading, watching television, and a small bathroom with toilet, and shower area. There would also be areas for storage.

Most of these are between seventeen to twenty-one feet and weigh around two thousand pounds, so you can see that they are not that heavy. They are easier to tow, easier to store when not in use, and easier to park. When towing them, you would only need a regular single ball mount and there would be no need for a hitch that was a weight distributing hitch.

Reasons to consider using a more compact sized camper trailer:

Some of the many reasons to choose this type include:

  • They are not as expensive as some of the larger RV’s.
  • You will not have to purchase any special type of towing vehicle. With a compact model, you can use the car you are driving. You will just need to get a hitch put on the car if it does not already have one.
  • They are the cheapest and easiest to maintain. If you purchase one of the larger ones that you drive instead of towing it, you will also have the added expense of maintaining the engine and other systems associated with this type.
  • If you are not a retired couple planning on spending weeks traveling, this type is the least expensive to purchase. If you are only going to be a part time camper, it is best to purchase a compact one because when not in use, you have to store it so you want to make sure that it is easy to store. They are easier to use when deciding to take a spur of the moment trip. Either that or perhaps renting an RV would be good enough.
  • Inside there is more usable space, especially that of a motor home. For example, if both are the same lengths in the motor home, you have to take into consideration that some of that room is being used for the driver and passenger seats, controls etc. Inside a compact trailer, you do not need any space for that because it is a trailer that is being towed.
  • They are more convenient because when arriving at your camping space, you unhook it in the space you are using, set it up, and when you want to go to town or take a side trip you have the towing vehicle, your car, to use to make these side trips. With a motor home, you will have to drive it very where you want to go.

In addition to the many reasons to consider a compact camper trailer is the cost of them. On average, you can expect to spend under five thousand dollars but there are many factors to take into consideration in regards to what you will be paying for them. One of the things that you need to consider is if you are purchasing a new or used one. You also have to look at the amenities that you want in your smaller unit. The more amenities you have the more expensive it will be.

In addition to the pull behinds, there are a few compact motor homes. There is one that is about the size of a regular van and even looks like a van which would be considered compact size. With this one, it is mostly for sleeping and cooking but the rest of the time you would spend outdoors so if you want to spend more time inside such as when it is raining and not feel too cooped up, then it is best to choose a compact pull-behind. Here is a great video on a 16 foot compact RV.

A big reason to choose a compact trailer is the price of gas. Although they are not heavy and easier to pull, you are still using extra fuel. You will also be pulling into service stations more often to fuel up. Also, when you are camping, you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning, so when having a smaller model, make sure there is not much you need to clean before you are able to enjoy your surroundings.

When looking at all the reasons that you should consider a compact travel trailer, the final decision should be made after you take time to shop and look at all that is being offered. You can also compare these RV’s to other products like tents. This will help you make the right decision and help you determine if the compact size is right for you or not. Two of the biggest reasons are fuel economy and they are easier to tow, meaning you do not need to purchase a special vehicle to tow it.

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