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Is It Possible To Have A Custom Built 5th Wheel Or Does It Cost Too Much?

Yes, it is possible to have a custom built 5th wheel and though it will probably cost more than one that is sitting on the lot of the licensed dealer, sometimes it is better to pay more to get exactly what you want.  This is especially true if you are going to be using the travel trailer a lot such as traveling when you retire or going places on vacation and weekends in the summer.  Before making your decision whether to get a custom built 5th wheel or buy one from the dealer you should visit these dealers to see what the ones on the lot has to offer.

What Is A 5th Wheel RV?

5th-wheelA 5th wheel is similar to a large travel trailer but has a raised extension in the front that is connected to a hitch that is in the bed of your pickup truck.  Many people prefer this type of RV trailer because it is more stable along with being easier to control in windy conditions.  Because they are usually heavy it is advisable to have a heavy duty pickup truck to tow it. On the off chance you don’t know what RV is, it stands for Recreational Vehicle.

What Does A Standard 5th Wheel Have To Offer Me?

There are some 5th wheel trailers that are very elaborate looking on the inside. In order to give you more room some of them have slide outs that can be pulled out when you pull into the spot where you are staying at the campground or RV Park.  Many of these 5th wheels today have top of the line materials such as the counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom that are granite.  Some even have satellite hook ups for your television.  You can find 5th wheels that range in size from nineteen to forty feet which is large enough to have enough space to sleep ten people. Some have accessories like air conditioners, furnaces, a washer/dryer, entertainment centers that have surround sound, sky lights, king size beds, and more.  In fact, many look and feel like a regular house but only on a smaller scale. If these are some of the amenities that you would like in your 5th wheel then there is no need to have one custom built.

What Does A 5th Wheel Cost?

When 5th wheel RV’s are built they are often designed for full time or long term living and are usually the most expensive RV’s that are towed. The biggest factors in figuring the price of a 5th wheel are the size and amenities that comes in the package which can include:

  • Slide-outs
  • Full master bedroom with bath
  • Full size kitchen appliances

For a new 5th wheel with these amenities and is up to thirty feet long can cost between fifteen and fifty thousand dollars.

For a unit that is up to forty feet long and includes features that are similar to those found in a luxury home can cost between fifty and one hundred fifty thousand dollars. The amenities that are included for this price can include:

  • Having multiple slide-outs
  • A full master bedroom with bath
  • Electric fireplace
  • Full size appliances and more

One important thing to remember that no matter what amenities you select, the size you choose, or price you pay the 5th wheel will start to depreciate as soon as you drive off the lot.  If you do not want to pay a for a new unit you can wait until it is a few years old to save twenty to thirty percent less than it originally cost.

Reasons Why You Would Prefer To Have A Custom Built 5th Wheel And Cost

When you have a 5th wheel custom built you can choose:

  • The color scheme you want through out your 5th wheel
  • The features you want like full size appliances, a larger bathroom with a tub and a shower, a larger bedroom, more slide-outs to give you more room, etc.
  • The size 5th wheel you want which can be from nineteen to forty feet.
  • You want to have a 5th wheel that looks like a lavish home because people want to travel and enjoy the outdoors but still want the amenities you would have in a home.

A custom built one can cost up to one hundred thousand dollars, which is almost what a house will cost.

In Conclusion

Deciding whether to have a 5th wheel custom built or just choose a hybrid that is offered from a license dealer comes down to two things which are:

  • How much you can pay or finance for a 5th wheel.  Is it enough to have the 5th wheel custom built or just enough to buy one sitting on the lot?
  • How many of the features you want can you get with the budget you have to work with.  If there are many different features you would like but have a strict budget you can work look at the 5th wheels on the lot to see the features they offer. Sometimes it is better in the long run to get one already on the lot and get a lot of features similar to what you want instead of having one custom built and only getting to choose a couple of features you want. Time. Obviously you can just drive one off the lot, but if it is custom built you could wait weeks to months for your order to be completed.

Purchasing a 5th wheel either from the selections on the lot or having one custom built  is not only a big decision but an expensive purchase that you will most likely finance. This is why you need to take your time, write down the pros and cons before making the final decision as to whether you have one custom built or take one already on the lot.  If you choose to get one that is already on the lot, you should also look at any used ones they have to see if you can get a better deal. You cannot recoup the entire price you paid or financed if you sell it because it is not what you wanted in the first place because you made the decision to buy too fast.

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