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The Varieties and Uses for Camping Trailers

There are many different varieties of camping trailers on today’s market. More people than ever before are buying them as an investment to lower the cost of their future annual family holidays. They range from a simple standard awning that can be a great accompaniment to a tent, to the top of the range fully fitted all amenities style trailer.

For many people camping trailers are a ‘must have’ to be able to allow them to afford a vacation. Their flexibility makes them ideal for a weekend away and short breaks, they can be set up with relative ease and speed and most are spacious enough to easily and comfortably sleep two to six people. The camper trailer, or pop up trailer as they are sometimes referred to, is a great alternative to pitching a tent, whilst still maintaining the camping feeling. They are basically a metal and wood base with a frame and canvas over them. They are easily assembled once you arrive at your destination and are easy to pack away when you are ready to leave. They save on the hassle of looking for a suitable place to pitch your tent with the added benefits of being warmer and dryer, as they are suspended off of the floor.

varieites-of-trailersWhether you wish to go camping alone, with your spouse or with your family, there is a camper trailer to suit your needs. From ones small enough to be pulled by a bicycle to full size all inclusive ones. Prices vary due to the variety and size but they can be obtained fairly affordable if you don’t mind buying a used one. Internet auction sites, local papers and general sales can be great places to bag yourself a bargain and pay a fraction of the price of a new one.

If buying a used trailer, make sure you inspect it thoroughly. Look for signs of mould, mildew and insect infestations. If it has been stored for a while without being aired thoroughly first it can cause problems with mould. Shop around for the best deals and make sure you know the going market price, so you don’t end up paying too much. Check the base, tyres and undercarriage, ask to see it fully set up and check the frame is sturdy and that the canvas isn’t damaged, ripped or torn. If buying from a dealership, make sure you get a warranty in case any problems surface at a later date.

Be sure to check that the trailer you decide to purchase is compatible with your vehicle, putting too much strain on your towing vehicle could end up costing you a fortune on repairs. If your trailer is too heavy for your vehicle to tow safely you could have handling problems that result in you having an accident. Make sure you know the towing capacity of your vehicle before you decide on which trailer you buy. Allow extra weight for a fully loaded trailer, not the empty one you are buying. It is always wise not to go to your vehicles maximum towing capacity, as you never know when you will need to carry any extras so maybe a compact trailer is a good idea.

When choosing your camper you should consider where you will want to take it, if you will be going on road, or off road. If you are planning to go off road then you will need a more robust off road trailer and a 4 WD vehicle to tow it. If you are planning on going on trips that are on bitumen roads then standard on road trailer should be fine. Lightweight trailers are a good option for smaller cars and are more fuel efficient when travelling long distances. For longer staying holidays you will need your trailer to be large enough for it to be spacious and comfortable. Living out of a trailer tent for several weeks or months requires far more space than living out of one for a week or weekend. Also, you should consider whether you will mainly be going to parks that have full amenities, if not, you will need an all inclusive camper with water, toilet, washing facilities and a source of power. Extra awnings are also another option to add more space to your trailer tent.

If a trailer tent doesn’t cover all the needs you have then maybe a fully enclosed camper or travel trailer hybrid is a more suitable option for you. Again they come in a range of sizes and amenities. From standard to deluxe, they can be used for anything from an overnight stay to full time accommodation. If you are planning on touring, then one of these will probably be the better option. The benefits of these types of trailers are that you don’t have any setting up and packing up to do, simply hitch it up and off you go. All of the same rules apply when shopping around as they do with any trailer the most important is to check your vehicles towing capacity. Safety is the top priority, followed by affordability, facilities, space and comfort. If budget is not an obstacle, then the sky’s the limit as to what you can get. King size beds, porcelain toilets, spacious high tech showers, fully fitted kitchens, flat screen tv’s, DVD players, fire places, the list goes on and on. In fact, if you can buy it for your home you can be sure you can buy it for your trailer.

Whichever option you decide to go with, always remember that you will get what you pay for. Good quality and a good reputation usually mean that your trailer will last you for years and will probably still be going on holiday long after you. Quality and reputation will help you to sell it for a good price when you are ready to. Do your research thoroughly before you part with your hard earned money and check reviews to find the most common problems that others have identified. Be smart and learn by someone else’s unfortunate mistake.

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